Welcome to the Unique "Anto" Travel Experience with Chery Viaggi!

Are you ready for an extraordinary adventure in the fascinating world of Egypt? With our "Anto" package, we will take you through an unforgettable 8-day journey, immersing you in ancient cultures, breathtaking monuments and breathtaking views.

The Journey in Brief:

Duration: 8 days
Destinations: Marsa Alam, Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Abu Simbel, Aswan, Hamata, Sharm el Luli, Port Ghalib
Intimate Groups: Up to 4 people to guarantee a personalized experience
Private Guide and Dedicated Vehicle: For exclusive attention
Cultural and Natural Explorations: From thousand-year-old temples to pristine islands, you will experience every aspect of Egypt.
Detailed plan:

Day 1 - Welcome to Marsa Alam:

Reception at the airport and hotel accommodation.
Day 2 - Luxurious Luxor:

Transfer to Luxor.
Exploration of the Temples of the Valley of the Kings.
Visit to the Majestic Temples of Karnak.
Enchanting visit to Hatshepsut Temple.
Day 3 - Cultural Adventures in Edfu and Kom Ombo:

Transfer to Edfu.
Immersion in the Temple of Horus.
Spectacular visit to the Kom Ombo Temple.
Return to Aswan for a Magical Night.
Day 4 - Discovery of Abu Simbel and Treasures of Aswan:

Transfer to Abu Simbel.
Exciting visit to the Temples of Abu Simbel.
Exploring the Picturesque Philae Temple.
Admire the grandeur of the Aswan High Dam.
Day 5 - Journey into Nubian Culture and Return to Marsa Alam:

Visit the Fascinating Houses of the Nubians in Aswan.
Transfer to Marsa Alam.
Day 6 - Cruise to Hamata - Unique Experience:

Cruise adventure to the Three Islands of Hamata.
Lunch on the boat with spectacular views.
Time for relaxation or optional activities.
Day 7 - Paradise in Sharm el Luli and Evening in Port Ghalib:

Exploration of Natural Parks in Sharm el Luli.
Lunch break in Qullan.
Evening in Port Ghalib for an enchanting atmosphere.
Day 8 - Adventure in the Stragola Camp Natural Park and return to Marsa Alam:

Visit to the picturesque Stragola Camp Natural Park.
Lunch immersed in the nature and magic of the place.
Satisfied return to Marsa Alam.
How to Book:
To book your "Anto" adventure and for further details, visit our website Chery Viaggi - Anto Package.

Join us for a unique travel experience, curated with love and passion by Chery Viaggi!