Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Help! I need to modify / cancel my reservation!

If you have completed the booking internally on the cheryviaggi website, you can go to the "" page to find the telephone number of the agency with which you have booked and have 24/7 support. 7 days out of 7. If you have made your booking on a site outside of cheryviaggi or if you have made your booking directly on an airline's website, we recommend that you call the agency or airline you booked with. Can't remember where you ended your booking? Check the credit card movements to find out which company has been credited with the booking.


When I proceed with booking one of the offers shown on your site, I receive a price increase notification. Why is this happening?

We are a travel search engine and we search hundreds of sites: for this reason it may happen that the information shown does not match. In fact, it may happen that the agencies have not yet sent us the updated data, or that they have provided us with inaccurate data. Or, it may happen that another person purchased the same offer and reduced availability caused prices to rise.

What is chery's refund policy?

Cheryviaggi is a search engine and does not sell products, for this reason we do not have a refund policy: this can in fact be managed only by the supplier with whom you book. Not sure which travel company you booked with? Check the movements of the credit card to see which supplier the credit is addressed to or search for this information by checking the booking confirmation here:

Do flight prices include taxes and fees?

All flight fares shown on cheryviaggi include taxes and fees. However, these do not include extra costs such as those for checked baggage, for seat selection, for the transport of animals and other similar services. For specific information on these services, you will need to ask the airline directly. We have also created a useful tool to know what the extra costs may be: the "Commission Calculator" is available on the search results page.

Do flight prices include baggage fees?

No. You can look at our AIR LINES page to see if the airline you fly with has extra baggage fees or anything else.


I don't see any "Price Forecast" in the search results: why?

Not all flight routes have enough data to show a Price Forecast. Looks like you chose one of these routes.


Can I look for a flight ticket to travel with my child?

In the search for flights on cheryviaggi, it is possible to select the number of children and infants from the drop-down menu.

Can I book a flight for another person?

Yes, you can book a plane ticket for another person. When entering passenger details, make sure that the name on the ticket is the same as that shown on the identity card, without any error. Any errors in typing the name or surname would mean the impossibility of being boarded on the flight, or the airlines could impose high costs for any changes relating to the passenger's name made after the booking.


I would like to plan a multi-stop trip. Can I do a flight search that includes several routes?

It's easy: when you are on cheryviaggi's page, select the "Multiple stopovers" option: this will allow you to carry out a flight search that includes up to 3 stopovers.


I am planning a trip with other people, how can I book flights for more than six people?

Cheryviaggi currently supports flight searches for up to nine people. However, cheryviaggi can help you find the best itinerary and the best offers for your travel group. After finding the option that interests you with a search carried out on, we recommend that you call the airline directly and ask them for assistance in concluding the flight booking for a group of people.

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