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about us

: Chery Viaggi (SPA)

cheryviaggi S.P.A. online travel agency with REA: EG-523/2035 and VAT-84618, 2015 - All rights reserved.
With registered office in Cairo,
operational headquarters in Marsa Alam, Via 9 Fontana 69, third floor, staircase A,
VAT number: 84618 -
Pursuant to the law: NO.159 of the year 81 and the relative regulation.
contract: NO.3213 / W of the year 2015 - whose signature is legalized.
- legalization: of the foreign ministry

- legalization office of cairo investment - with NO. 1865 of 04/02/2018

- managerial determination: n. 19733 of 09/07/2015

- Professional Civil Liability Policy: n. 9765449760,, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 50 of the "Tourism Code" Legislative Decree 23.05.2011 nr 79.

-we offer you is accurate and a series of guarantees that you could not in any way find by booking independently on the web.

We work hard to ensure the best ratio between quality delivered and asking price.

- The company is regularly registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

has thought of your serenity at 180 degrees +180 degrees, creating guarantees to protect your holiday in every aspect,

from booking to return. All our travel packages include the Travel insurance policy fee.

Cheryviaggi Our goal is to provide real fun and enjoy a fun-filled happy holiday.

want to start the journey while leafing through the pages of a catalog, while enchanting to look at the images on a screen, when with thought one projects oneself there, in that place, in that situation, where no watches are needed because to mark the they are the time, the emotions.

Today planning a trip is increasingly within everyone's reach thanks to the sea of ​​opportunities and ease of use that the Internet offers.

So why rely on a Tour Operator when there are all the possibilities to trust.

Here is Chery, travel for your holidays.

Chery Viaggi is a Tour Operator specialized for more than twenty years in the organization of Tailor-made Luxury Travel, which range from our wonderful Round the World tours.

Our trips meet the needs of those looking for an exclusive holiday with extensive and varied itineraries,

Those who choose cheryviaggi rely on a Specialist Tour Operator, made up of expert consultants in articulated and complex itineraries, who have direct knowledge of the destinations offered.

We are moved by the Passion for Travel and the dedication in making Tailored Holidays because they are sewn like a high fashion suit tailored for you. The always updated computerization of ours

assistance and the experience of our team gained directly on site, allows us to respond effectively to all your needs. Ours are Luxury Travels, the result of a selection.

accurate of exclusive destinations and itineraries, of the most sophisticated structures and hotel services at the top of your expectations. A Chery Voyages trip will make you fall in love with the pleasure of living an experience of the highest quality.

To travelers who are looking for tailor made travel experiences and high quality services, we respond with meticulous attention to every detail, offering an efficient service that is always in step with the times.

Our every trip is planned in every single detail to offer you an excellent stay and impeccable service in our beautiful destinations. We will pamper you every step of the way,

from departure to overnight in one of our prestigious hotels. We are always ready to amaze you with so much attention, from exclusive excursions to delicious candlelit dinners surrounded

breathtaking panoramas, because our job is to make your travel dream more beautiful.

Our partners and suppliers give us the opportunity to enjoy the widest flexibility in choosing services. We always offer transparent prices and the best rates

available in flight and transportation planning. For your trip and we take advantage of the assistance of expert guides on site to ensure high quality standards of our service. We will accompany you with your hand at all times of the holiday.

Before the trip to show you all the details of the program, during your stay for any

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