All hotels upon reopening will have to organize themselves to carry out their business by observing the guidelines issued by the government on May 17, 2020 which can be summarized in the following points:

provide adequate information on preventive measures that can also be understood by non-Italian citizens;

ensure adequate availability of hand sanitizing products for guests' use
Differentiate entry and exit routes where possible;
provide for frequent cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces that are more easily in contact with the hands;
provide all staff with the surgical mask to be used for operations in contact with guests;
adequate ventilation of the premises and frequent maintenance of the air conditioning;
no buffet service in the restaurant;
spacing of sunbeds on the beach according to the new rules;
quota limitation of presences in the swimming pool in accordance with national protocols.
Chery Travel have developed a protocol for the implementation of these principles to ensure maximum safety for their guests and at the same time offer the opportunity for a peaceful and relaxing holiday with all the usual comforts.

The measures taken can be summarized in the following points:

adaptation of the protocols to the new guidelines established by the competent authorities;
training for all staff on the new protocols;
specific training on treatment in case of contagion;
application of the rules of social distancing;
enhancement of technological supports to manage flows and avoid gatherings;
The same will be applied in the following general rules:

Guest Relation and / or Quality Controler will control the correct application of the procedures and monitoring of critical issues;
daily measurement of the body temperature of all staff at the beginning of each work shift;
implementation of specific rules of conduct that mitigate the risk of contamination from the outside;
use of sealed laundry from certified laundries and protected at the change.
hand sanitizers at the entrance and within all areas of aggregation;
manual of cleaning and sanitizing procedures with specific products for disinfection against viruses and bacteria according to the indications of the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health;
use of specific PPE for Coronavirus risk for all departments according to the needs and personal risk profile and for guests;
management of flows within the accommodation facilities in order to avoid gatherings by favoring shifts for the use of the main services;
control and monitoring system of the correct application of procedures with daily recording of the activities performed;
periodic verification with laboratory analysis of the correct application of the sanitation procedures;
In particular, we highlight some innovations introduced with the new protocols:

Possibility of web check in through a special web connection and preparation for the payment of the Club Card where required.

Restaurant service redesigned with:

spaced tables;
table service with a wide choice;
menu available on the web platform at a dedicated link
take-away lunch option with dedicated menus where provided
possibility of booking table / shift on a dedicated web platform
Bar and common areas

sanitation of the tables at each change of guest with certification tag;
specific sanitizing program for all surfaces of greatest contact by guests.

distribution of sunbeds and umbrellas suitable for maintaining social distancing;
bed sanitization at each guest change certified with guarantee band.
Possibility of booking an umbrella via the web platform, where possible
Swimming pools

access control to the area to avoid crowds;
monitoring by lifeguards of access to the water to avoid crowds;
bed sanitization at each guest change and in any case daily certified by a guarantee band.
For the modalities of the single hotel structures it is necessary to check the type of service provided. These indicated are the general lines.

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